Scalable output

Traditional 3D printing is not able to scale up the number of parts produced when needed.

What if your product becomes an instant succes? Select a new process?

MM3D can scale up based on actual demand, adding a versatile alternative.

LEAN EXTREME; MM3D will redefine flexibility in the maker community.

Extended life cycle

Complex manufacturing tools should support you as long as possible.

We are in it for the long haul: you do not need complex, costly and vulnerable lasers to do the job.

MM3D reduces complexity and keep things simple when possible helping you in keeping your uptime high and maintenance cost low:


Lean and green

Sustainablitiy and efficiency is an integral part of your MetalMorph 3D system.

Find that sustainability can be the cost saving approach. Reduce spill, waste, material use, and energy.

Enter the era of manufacture to order and help any customer, from one offs to mass series within one package.