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With over a decade of pioneering in metal spinning technology, Metal Morph stands at the forefront of innovation. Delivering solutions that meet the expanding, upgrading and innovative needs of the metal forming industry. Our experience propels us beyond conventional boundaries, setting new standards of excellence.

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Shaping tomorrow's metal industry

Born from the esteemed legacy of M&M, Metal Morph is your global partner for high-tech metal spinning machines. Specializing in metal spinning, shear forming, flow forming, in-air forming and necking-in, our machines are not just tools: they are your gateway to achieving unmatched precision and efficiency. Embrace the future with:



Sustainable Excellence



Tailored Solutions

Unique self-correcting control system

Metal Morph machines are driven by a unique combination of position and force control. Therewith they offer far more possibilities than traditional CNC machines.

We live, breathe and talk metal forming solutions.

Over the years, we have built a strong understanding of our customer’s strategies and achieved cost-effective, commercial successful production solutions for our clients. We respond to your business needs: just tell us which products you want to make and we will build you the best, most efficient machine to do so.


Metal Morphosis helps manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industry with the production of their metal products, such as cylindrical parts and cones.


Power train components include turbine parts (for ultra-lightweight range extender parts) as well as the more traditional gear parts.


Metal Morph machines are used for the manufacturing of all kinds of household appliances, large and small, in different materials.


A short selection of units produced on our machines in different sizes and shapes in this industry.


Our machines can add value to your parts in terms of hygiene and the flexibility of your product program.


Our machines are leading in the manufacturing of a wide range of products

Why choose us

We empower you to transcend traditional production limits. Our commitment:

New smart and efficient machines tailored to your needs:

Enhance your efficiency, reduce waste and differentiate in the market.

Complete overhauls:

Extend the life of your M&M machines with upgrades, ensuring many more years of seamless production.

The Metal Morph Academy:

Combat the fading knowledge of metal spinning. We provide comprehensive training, equipping your team with the expertise to excel.

We focus on having our clients reduce their production costs and creating value by providing them with the machines to differentiate in their market.

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Complete overhaul

Happy with your M&M | Metal Morph machine, but does it need a good overhaul? M&M machines are known to last for decades, but every machine needs a major overhaul at some point.

We can upgrade your machine to a newer version and add additional functions to give you many more years of worry-free production.

Our team

Meet the people driving Metal Morph's innovation. From our Director Tineke Hofman to our skilled engineers, we are the architects of your success.

Tineke Hofman


Dennis Wiggelman

Lead Engineer

Frank Adriaansen

Sales Engineer

Technology and innovation at Metal Morph

At Metal Morph, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our dedicated R&D team is constantly pushing the boundaries of metal spinning technology to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. From the development of our unique self-correcting control system to the implementation of advanced force control in metal spinning: our innovations are designed to solve real-world manufacturing challenges. This focus ensures that Metal Morph machines are not just tools, but gateways to enhanced productivity, superior product quality, and reduced operational costs. Showcasing our commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations.


The knowledge of proper Metal spinning is disappearing. Even with the best machines on the floor, you still need people who can  operate them. Therefore we started the Metal Morph Academy.

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Yes, definitely. Your product drawings and/or needs and wishes are always the starting point for determining the right machine.
Our existing machine models can be modified to meet your specific needs.


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