A new Metal Morph HF 450/500 ATT

Another metal spinning machine ready: the Metal Morph HF 450/500 ATT! Four automatic machining units and a 4-roller changer allow for multiple operations in one run. Maximum power, flexibility and speed! Curious? Get in touch: info@metal-morph.nl. We’d love to go over the possibilities with you!

Not just CNC..

Our Metal Morph spinning machines are smarter than CNC machines. This gives manufacturers great advantages. A short summary in this video!

Complex world, sensible solutions

Today’s complex world calls for sensible solutions. Various industries, such as defense, aerospace, automotive, etc. make use of metal spinning machines as a cost-effective way of producing conical, cylindrical or (semi)round products, made of any kind of metal or combinations of materials. From very large to very small, both in terms of batches and products: … Lees meer

Service and spare parts M&M machines

Roller holders

After  over 20 years of production, our client’s M&M metal spinning machines were ready for new roller holders and clamping devices. With these they can last for many more years to come. At Metal Morph we know M&M machines inside out, so in addition to new machines or overhauls, customers can always contact us for … Lees meer

From the start

New frame

The nice thing about building a brand new metal spinning machine is creating it from the very start. One of the new frames just came in: can’t wait to paint it and start building it up!

The advantage of position and force control

The combination of position + force control of our smart Metal Morph metal spinning machines ensures that our machines are able to adjust the pressure themselves. The inner size tolerance of your product will therefore always be correct, even when your blanks slightly differ in thickness and/or hardness. And… even when you accidentally put two … Lees meer

Teaching the robot the ropes

Automation of the loading and unloading process

This robot will soon be connected to one of our metal spinning machines, guaranteeing carefree production and saving our customer the costs for manning the machine.  

Early Christmas present

Early Christmas present: this spinning machine will be leaving us tomorrow morning. All packed and protected for the trip. We wish the owner numerous years of carefree production!