Once they’re ready, they fly out!

Metal spinning machine hoisted for transportation.

Once they are ready, they fly out! If you also want to stay ahead of your competition, meet our smart Metal Morph metal spinning machines.

Meet our think tank

Metal Morph interns working on innovative ideas.

Meet our young think tank: Metal Morph currently has a group of interns working on some promising innovative ideas for the new generation of metal spinners! Contact us for future ideas on your metal spinning process: info@metal-morph.nl

When time-to-market is important

In today’s market it’s all about low costs, short time-to-market and being able to produce small batches. Our Metal Morph ATT metal spinning machines do just that! Change over times: only a few minutes. Programming: teach the machine realtime! Just save your program and speed it up for production. All machining units: programmable, no CNC […]

A productive week

Job done in 3 different countries: we installed a new machine, helped a client out with a problem and continued building two new machines: quite a productive week!

A short introduction

A short introduction to Metal Morph for those manufacturers that want to reduce their production costs.

Last checks

Doublechecking the last details before this new Metal Morph HF 450/500 TT spinning machine is declared ready for its working life.

A new Metal Morph HF 450/500 ATT

Another metal spinning machine ready: the Metal Morph HF 450/500 ATT! Four automatic machining units and a 4-roller changer allow for multiple operations in one run. Maximum power, flexibility and speed! Curious? Get in touch: info@metal-morph.nl. We’d love to go over the possibilities with you!

Not just CNC..

Our Metal Morph spinning machines are smarter than CNC machines. This gives manufacturers great advantages. A short summary in this video!

Impression of an overhaul

Do you have an M&M machine that is in need of an overhaul and/or an upgrade? Please watch this video to see what Metal Morph can do for you! We build new metal spinning machines and overhaul M&M machines. Try us out!


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