Complete overhaul

In addition to building new machines, Metal Morph also provides complete retrofits of existing M&M machines. If you wish, we can upgrade your machine to a newer version and add additional functions to give you many years of worry-free production.

During a complete overhaul we disassemble your machine and replace most parts, including electric wiring, hydraulic hoses, seals and bearings.
We modernize the control and can upgrade your machine to a more up-to-date version, built according to the international standards. On top of it all, we repaint your machine, so when you receive it back, you will hardly recognize it!

Interested in wat we can do for your machine? Send us an email at with your request and the machine number of the machine you would like to have overhauled, and we’ll get in touch!

From a M&M KRT machine…
… to a Metal Morph TT machine, after a profound overhaul.