Special requirements combined with common sense. Metal Morphosis helps manufacturers in the aerospace industry with the production of their metal products, such as cylindrical parts and cones. Adding yield strenght to material and reducing weight. With the ability to reach the highest tolerances, highest accuracies and the smoothest surface finishes, our machines are extremely suitable … Lees meer


Our Metal Morph machines provide a wide range of applications for the automotive industry. Power train components include turbine parts (for ultra lightweight range extender parts) as well as the more traditional gear parts. Well known are our exhaust parts that can be assembled during spinning and have the advantage of the self programming features … Lees meer


Metal Morph machines are used for the manufacturing of all kinds of household appliances, large and small, in different materials. Among our machines there is always one that suits your needs. Check out our most common Metal Morph machines and get in touch, so we can discuss the most suitably machine for you. If necessary, … Lees meer


A short selection of units produced on our machines in different sizes and shapes in this industry are: centrifuge parts for ultra high rpm: the best available tolerances can be achieved on our machines separators filters and components for sieves and funnels parts for sample dividers parts for cleaners and finishers (surface) grinding applications for … Lees meer


This segment never ceases to surprise us. Here, the increasing demand for sustainable products and designed features aimed at customization / personalization triggered our development towards machines that can produce small batches, have short changeover times, low tooling costs and none to hardly any loss of material. Our machines are leading in the manufacturing of … Lees meer


Food processing (compliant to HACCP principles). Our machines can add value to your parts in terms of hygiene and the flexibility of your product program. It easily adapts to design changes, can handle a wide range of batch sizes and a wide variety of materials. Some of the applications produced on our machines are: hoppers … Lees meer