Food processing (compliant to HACCP principles).
Our machines can add value to your parts in terms of hygiene and the flexibility of your product program. It easily adapts to design changes, can handle a wide range of batch sizes and a wide variety of materials.

Some of the applications produced on our machines are:

  • hoppers
  • bakery machine components
  • containers
  • funnels
  • domed lids
  • separators
  • sieves
  • centrifugal parts
  • rollers
  • ventilation

Needless to say, we are always open to thinking with you about your product and how to optimize production and features. Now or for a future implementation. Together we can to strengthen your ideas and show you the possibilties for you to stand out in your market. Let’s get in touch!

Please involve us in your ideas, without any obligation from your part, and maybe we can find means and add ideas to a new configuration of your product designs and its components.