Maintenance and service

Taking good care of your M&M or Metal Morph machine is what we do: whether it concerns maintenance, service or spare parts. We will do everything in our power to keep your machine running.


We help with a well-fitted maintenance effort: one that suits your requirements, but is never ‘over the top’. Maintenance is essential, but never a purpose in itself.


Everyone working with machinery knows that failures or malfunctions can always happen. And mostly at a very bad time. At Metal Morph we are committed to solving your problem as quickly as possible!

Wear And Spare Parts

Since we know that our machines last for decades we have quite an extensive amount of spare parts for M&M and Metal Morph machines. Give us a call and we will check if we have what you need.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (PMP) Choose the level that suits your needs

At the request of our customers, we offer a standardized service for their machines. An annual check and regular maintenance for all M&M and MetalMorph machines, so that they remain well maintained and the risk of sudden downtime is minimized.
The Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) offers 3 different levels of annual maintenance and support, depending on the need.

Contact us for more details:

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Please involve us in your ideas, without any obligation from your part, and maybe we can find means and add ideas to a new configuration of your product designs and its components.


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