Depending on your needs as a metal manufacturer we offer a number of machine types, suitable for forming steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, platinum, silver, gold and combinations of materials.


Powerful, flexible machines, suitable for scalable production.
Easily programmable, which gives you the opportunity to Manufacture to Order a wide variety of products with diameters up to 1850 mm.
If you need extreme power for forming extraordinary thick metal, the HF version is the answer. This machine can easily deliver up to 60 kN if you need it. Larger capacities are also available.


The Metal Morph TFM is a solution for many automotiv manufacturers.
It enables in-air forming (no mandrels) with autonomous
adaptive intelligent controls. Customers use our TFM
for example for powertrain products, catalytic converters, particle filters and mufflers. Integrated assembly, fastening and quality
control in one cell.


Power and finesse in one system!
Our multi-slide machines enable shear forming with the lowest
price per unit and the highest accuracies possible. These reliable
machines will last for decades.

Most frequent machines

TT 350 up to TT 750
ATT 350 up to ATT 750
TFM 250 up to TFM 450
Multi-slide 350 up to 700

Most common forming forces

10 kN to 60 kN

Most common blank sizes

650 mm (25 inch) up to 1850 mm (73 inch)

Most common material thicknesses

Aluminum: 3 mm up to 30 mm (0,125 – 1,2 inch)
Steel: 2 mm up to 20 mm (0,08 – 0,8 inch)
Copper: 2 mm up to 20 mm (0,08 – 0,8 inch)
Stainless steel: 1,2 mm up to 10 mm (0,05 – 0,4 inch)

Please involve us in your ideas, without any obligation from your part, and maybe we can find means and add ideas to a new configuration of your product designs and its components.