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Metal Morph machines guarantee you the fastest cycle- and changeover times on the market and a flexible control system to program an indefinite variety of products.

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Depending on your needs as a metal manufacturer we offer various machine types, suitable for forming steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, platinum, silver, gold and combinations of materials.

Powerful and Flexible Machines

Metal Morph offers powerful and flexible machines designed for scalable production. Our machines are equipped to handle a wide range of production needs, ensuring efficiency and versatility in your operations.

Easily Programmable for Customization

Our machines are easily programmable, providing you with the flexibility to manufacture a wide variety of products to order. With the ability to customize settings, you can adapt production processes to meet specific requirements, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

High-Performance HF Version

For applications requiring extreme power to form thick metal, our HF version is the answer. With the capability to deliver up to 60 kN of force, this machine is engineered to tackle the most demanding projects with ease. Additionally, larger capacities are available to accommodate diverse production needs.

Optimized for Precision and Capacity

Metal Morph machines are optimized for precision and capacity, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. With diameters of up to 1850 mm, our machines are capable of handling a wide range of product sizes, providing you with the flexibility to meet diverse production demands.

Versatile Solution for Automotive Manufacturers

The Metal Morph TFM (Tube Forming Machine) offers a versatile solution for automotive manufacturers seeking advanced capabilities. With its innovative design and functionality, the TFM revolutionizes the tube forming process, providing a wide range of benefits for various automotive applications.

Innovative In-Air Forming Technology

Our TFM introduces innovative in-air forming technology, eliminating the need for mandrels and streamlining the production process. With autonomous adaptive intelligent controls, the TFM ensures precise and efficient forming operations, enhancing productivity and reducing manufacturing time.

Diverse Applications Across Automotive Components

Customers leverage the Metal Morph TFM across a spectrum of automotive components, including powertrain products, catalytic converters, particle filters, and mufflers. Its versatility and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes and meet the demands of diverse product lines.

Integrated Assembly and Quality Control

The Metal Morph TFM integrates assembly, fastening, and quality control functions into a single cell, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency. With seamless integration and comprehensive quality control measures, manufacturers can achieve superior product quality while reducing operational complexity.


Dynamic Performance with Multi-Slide Machines

Experience the perfect balance of power and finesse with Metal Morph’s multi-slide machines. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, these machines offer unparalleled capabilities for shear forming, ensuring precision and efficiency in every operation.

Cost-Effective Precision at Scale

Our multi-slide machines boast the lowest price per unit combined with the highest accuracies achievable. With cost-effective manufacturing solutions, businesses can scale their operations without compromising on quality, maximizing return on investment and profitability.

Reliable Durability for Long-Term Value

Metal Morph’s multi-slide machines are built to last, offering reliable durability that withstands the test of time. With robust construction and dependable components, these machines provide decades of dependable service, ensuring consistent performance and maximum value for our customers.

Invest in Excellence for Decades to Come

Investing in Metal Morph’s multi-slide machines is an investment in excellence for decades to come. With their proven reliability and superior performance, these machines are the cornerstone of successful manufacturing operations, driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability for our customers.

> TT 350 up to TT 750
> ATT 350 up to ATT 750
> TFM 250 up to TFM 450
> Multi-slide 350 up to 700
> 10 kN to 60 kN
> Aluminum: 3 mm up to 30 mm (0,125 – 1,2 inch)
> Steel: 2 mm up to 20 mm (0,08 – 0,8 inch)
> Copper: 2 mm up to 20 mm (0,08 – 0,8 inch)
> Stainless steel: 1,2 mm up to 10 mm (0,05 – 0,4 inch)
> 650 mm (25 inch) up to 1850 mm (73 inch)
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