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We are always interested in repurchasing used M&M machines. So, if you are in the possession of one or more M&M machines and would like to sell or trade them for new(er) machines, please contact us at:


Whether you’re in need of precision metal forming equipment for your manufacturing facility or looking to upgrade your production capabilities, we have a wide range of machines available to suit your needs. From advanced robotic arms to versatile spinning machines, each of our offerings is meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability. Take the next step in enhancing your manufacturing processes by exploring our collection of machines for sale today.

ATT 350 (SOLD)

11.250 machine hours

Machining Units 1 and 3

Machining Unit 2 (programmable blank centering device)

Machining Unit 4 (trimming device)

Back-up unit

Flanging device

HF 350 TT 2/S

Price (incl. new control panel, new servo valves and newest software):
€ 235.000.

This 2-roller machine was originally built in the ‘90s, but has already been overhauled in our factory. There is still some work to be done (new control panel, new servo valves and new software), but after that, you will get a next-to-new machine. With this 2-roller machine the highest tolerances are within reach.

Center height longitudinal slide

200 mm

Center width

900 mm

Max. product diameter

350 mm

Max. product length

400 mm

Extra features

Safety doors

Central lubrication system

Cooling system

2 rollers (steel, hardened)

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